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The Pry Region The Pry Region
On a hilltop on the east side of the Antietam Creek, lay the farmhouse of Philip Pry. As the Army of the Potomac reached the Antietam and began to deploy along the east bank on September 15th, George McClellan selected this building to serve as his headquarters. At an unquestionably safe distance from the battle that would develop, the Pry House offered a marginal view of the ground held by the Confederate forces below.

During the day of the battle, McClellan hardly stirred from the Pry House to witness the battle or confer with his Generals, but prefered to observe and direct via telescopes, messengers, and signal flags.

In the course of the battle, two wounded Union Generals were brought here: Hooker, whose wound was minor; and Richardson, who would eventually die here of his wound several weeks after the battle.

On September 20th, McClellan broke camp here, and moved his headquarters to an unknown location closer to the battlefield. Upon his departure, the Prys were able to return, only to discover what the battle had wrought: the products of the entire season, including their crops and livestock had been completely decimated. Compensation payment from the Federal Government would not come until after the war.

The original Pry House still stands and, although it is within the confines of the Antietam National Battlefield, it is not open to the public.

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