This map shows, in theory, the extent of the battlefield that is visible from the vicinity of the Pry House within a 3 km radius, based on Line Of Sight analysis. That is, portions of the map that would be obscured from the view of an observer near the Pry house have been removed. The location from which the Line Of Sight calculation was made is the hill where views 1 and 2 were taken.

As can be seen from the map, crucial areas of the battlefield are not visible. The Dunker Church, the object of the I Corps assault, is not visible, nor is the portion of the West Woods, where Sedgwick met his disaster, visible. Small portions of the ground around the sunken road are just barely visible.

This analysis was made out to a distance of 3 km. Adverse atmospheric conditions (such as haze and smoke) probably make analysis beyond this distance meaningless. Conditions within this radius, but not taken into account, probably make this map highly optimistic.

Given the inability to directly observe the battlefield from this location, it is not too surprising that overall coordination of the Union assaults was lacking. While Lee's headquarters site might not provide a much better view, the difference is that Lee spent comparatively little time there; he spent his day personally reviewing the Confederate position and was able to directly observe and react to changing battle conditions instantly, a factor that cannot be overemphasized.